The process of recruiting and evaluating surrogates is a meticulous endeavor, undertaken with diligence and care.


Comprehensive Medical Testing
Our surrogates undergo a battery of medical evaluations, including ultrasounds, hysteroscopy, serology assessments, and more.

Holistic Evaluation
Complementing medical assessments, we conduct psychological evaluations and home visits by experienced social workers. This ensures not only physical well-being but also emotional stability.

Strong Support System
Personal references provided by the candidate are diligently checked, confirming the presence of a robust support network.

Experienced and Responsible
Our surrogates are women who have personally experienced the journey of motherhood. This prerequisite guarantees responsible individuals who comprehend the intricacies of pregnancy. They fall within the age range of 20 to 37, possess a healthy weight, impeccable general health, and outstanding gynecological conditions.



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