For your convenience and optimal results, we kindly request our clients to complete two semen deposits, spaced 48-72 hours apart.

This approach ensures a sufficient sample size, minimizing the need for multiple travel engagements.


To ensure the best possible outcome, we provide the following recommendations for your semen deposits:


Abstain Period: Please refrain from ejaculating for 3-5 days prior to your first appointment. This interval allows for a higher concentration of sperm in the sample.

Collection Guidelines: Refrain from using lube or condoms during semen collection. These may contain substances that could affect sperm quality.

Temperature Considerations: Avoid exposure to high heat sources, such as saunas, jacuzzis, hot tubs, or very hot showers, for 1-2 weeks before your deposits. Additionally, abstain from bike riding within the same time frame, as excessive heat can impact sperm quality.

Lifestyle Adjustments: Abstain from smoking, alcohol consumption, or drug use in the month leading up to your travel. These substances can influence semen quality, and we aim for the best possible results during this transformative journey.

Supplement Recommendations: Consider taking a sperm-enhancing supplement, such as Proxeed + or other reputable brands, to support the quality of your sperm.

Holistic Approach: Embrace a healthy diet and exercise regimen during the months preceding your trip. A balanced lifestyle contributes positively to your reproductive health.



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