Egg Donor  Program

Our EGG DONOR SURROGACY PROGRAM is designed to cater to the needs of same-sex couples, heterosexual couples, and single individuals who require the assistance of an egg donor.

We take pride in offering a diverse and wonderful selection of women who are eager to provide the precious gift of life through oocyte donation.


Our Tailored Programs


Our Silver Program includes:
Semen deposit and Semen Analysis.
Semen and embryo storage for 1 year.
Access to our egg donor catalog.
Comprehensive evaluation of your chosen egg donor.
Oocyte collection.
Expert fertilization using Intended Parent sperm.
Embryo culture, development, and advanced PGT-A testing.
Careful endometrial preparation, including medical appointments, ultrasounds, medication, and psycho-social assessment.
Embryo transfer.
Regular pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to monitor progress.
Insurance coverage for both the surrogate and the unborn baby, extending until your safe return home.
Concierge assistance with documents and attorney appointments.

$29,500 plus $3,000 refundable emergency deposit.



The Gold Program includes everything in our SILVER PROGRAM and introduces up to three embryo transfer attempts, enhancing your journey toward parenthood with increased success opportunities. Up to three embryo transfers, providing you with enhanced opportunities for success. TOTAL COST SEGMENT 1: $34,000 plus a $3,000 refundable emergency deposit.  


For those in pursuit of the highest echelon of care and reassurance, our Platinum Program surpasses all expectations, building on the Gold program with an array of unparalleled advantages: Dual IVF Cycles: In addition to the initial IVF cycle, our Platinum Program offers a second cycle if required, doubling your opportunities for success. Six Embryo Transfers: A total of six embryo transfers, which encompasses any existing embryos resulting from both IVF cycles, guarantees a comprehensive and persistent approach toward achieving your desired pregnancy. Accelerated Matching: Experience shorter waiting times for surrogate matching, with a commitment to pairing you with one of our surrogates within six weeks or less. Nursing care for your newborn throughout the first week with your baby in Buenos Aires. Eligibility conditions: Egg donors chosen exclusively from the proven group and meeting specific criteria (Semen Morphology of 3% or more, more than 10 million concentration, mobility above 30%, plus normal karyotype). Pregnancy Incentive: If you achieve pregnancy within the first IVF cycle and initial three embryo transfers, we are pleased to offer a $10,000 USD refund. (the refund will be processed at the end of the Program, once the baby is born). Segmented Payments: Recognizing the importance of financial planning, we’ve structured the payment process as follows: SEGMENT 1: PAYMENT 1.A at Contract Signing: $38,500 PAYMENT 1.B before Embryo Transfer #1 (Upon Surrogate Match): $23,500 plus $3,000 refundable emergency deposit.  

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