Navigating the process of egg donor selection with precision and care, we ensure that every aspect aligns with your desires and needs.


Comprehensive Profiles
We present you with profiles of available egg donors, offering essential information such as ethnicity, general health background, skills in sports and arts, and blood type.

In-Depth Information
If you seek more detailed insight due to genetic considerations, or simply a deeper understanding, we offer carrier maps upon request, albeit with an additional cost.

Exceptional Donor Pool
Our selection boasts a diverse array of remarkable women who embrace the profound act of giving life. We meticulously choose healthy individuals, aged between 20 and 30, ensuring the highest quality oocytes.

Thorough Screening
Each donor undergoes an array of rigorous tests encompassing general health, hormonal balance, and serology. This multi-layered assessment ensures superior results and the prospect of healthy offspring.



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